Ultra concentrated for a great value! Spray can lasts up to 3 months or more depending on frequency of use. A light mist is all it takes!

Safe for use on all animals of all species, ages and breeds. Naturally, quickly, safely and easily control your pet’s allergens while hedging infection! Simply spray your pet’s skin, fur, coat, scales, feathers (or whatever they’re covered in!) to reduce the allergens that cause irritations while naturally and safely eliminating odors caused by bad germs! Controls hot spots, rashes, and other skin conditions with natural active probiotics.

You’ll both enjoy the long-lasting results! Safe for use in ears and around the eye area.

6.75 fl oz (200 ml)

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Lightly spray your pet, their bedding and their environment to actively eliminate allergens and odors!

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Lightly spray your pet's coat, fur, feathers, scales or skin, once daily. Never OVER spray or saturate your pet's coat. This is a powerful, concentrated formula! More is NOT better, and over use will only waste product. One light spray each day is all you'll need to control allergens and foul odors!

Active ingredients: Bacillus Ferment (Stabilized Probiotics) Light, non-toxic aroma


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