Ultra concentrated formula lasts up to 3 months or more in litter boxes and other animal habitats! (Depending on frequency of use)

Those adorable cats and kittens sure can make a stink! We’re not sure there is a worse smell than a cat’s dirtied litter box, but Prōtëkt® Litter Box Freshener will help solve that issue and benefit you both!

One daily spray keeps litter fresher for a longer period of time extending overall use, saving you money!  It greatly reduces the foul and ammonia-heavy odors associated with soiled litter boxes, leaving your home fresher, and you and your pet happier.

With every use, it creates a healthier micro flora for your cat’s box, paws and surrounding areas, significantly reducing the risk of harmful germs being transferred to your pet, home and family.

May also be safely used for odor control in bird cages, rodent bedding, dry reptile habitats and any other pet environment.

6.76 fl oz (200 ml)


Never before has there been a longer lasting, more effective way to control litter box odors–NATURALLY!

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At each changing, and before adding litter, lightly spray the inside of the litter box. For maintenance, lightly spray directly on the litter, once daily. Be careful to not OVER spray or saturate the litter. This is a powerful, concentrated formula! More is NOT better, and over use will only waste product. One-two light sprays each day is all you'll need for a cleaner, healthier, better smelling litter box!

Active Ingredients: Bacillus Ferment (Probiotics) Light, non-toxic scent


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