Lifts grease and cleans stuck-on foods leaving dishes, sponges, sinks and drains clean… down to the microscopic level!

Prōtëkt® brand Probiotic Dishwashing Liquid is a powerful, concentrated formula enriched with active probiotics that deep clean and help replenish natural surface micro-flora.  It easily lifts foods, grease, and baked on grime; leaving your dishes so clean you’ll surely notice the difference!  It also helps clean sinks and pipes each time you drain the dish water; leaving a trail of healthy bacteria to continue actively cleaning and aiding in the control of odors, mold and mildew.  As an added benefit, it helps keep dish cloths and sponges odor-free and cleaner, longer. Deconstructing the source of odor buildup, sponges stay fresher, longer; reducing the need to replace them as often—saving you even more!

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Active Probiotic Dishwashing Liquid

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For best results, add to warm water (86-140° F). Dispense Prōtëkt® Dishwashing Liquid onto a sponge or rag or, add directly to sink water (approx 1/2 teaspoon per gallon). Soaking (10+ mins) and/or higher dosages may be used for heavily soiled/greasy dishes to be squeaky clean. Thoroughly rinse dishes, and rinse hands after use. NOT for use in automatic dishwashers. SENSITIVE SKIN NOTICE: A patch test is recommended before use for those with sensitive skin, or those prone to allergic reactions to organic and/or synthetic compounds found in soaps and detergents. Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about samples before ordering.

Probiotics (live Bacillus Ferment) Prebiotics (sugars for probiotics) Surfactants (organic) Detergent builders Foaming agents Preservatives


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