Try before you commit!  Experience the difference with a (1 load) sample of our probiotic laundry formula.

Our lightly scented formula easily removes allergens and tough stains! Blood, coffee, wine and other organic and non-organic contaminants are no match! Our advanced probiotic formulas actively deconstruct the very source of foul odors, allergens and deep-seated grime; leaving your clothes truly clean, allergen-free and noticeably softer. (Not to mention the cleaning benefits your washing machine and pipes will experience over time!) Give it a try. We think you’re going to love it!

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Limit 2 samples per order.


Prōtëkt® Probiotic Laundry Detergent sample pouch.

LIMIT 2 per order

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Active Ingredients: Bacillus Ferment, Surfactants