Keep plenty of refill ampoules on hand so you’re always prepared!  These 9.0ml Misting Wand Liquid Refill ampoules contain the perfect amount of powerful probiotics to fill your Kälōs Probiotic Misting Wand tank.

Ultrasonic vibrations dispense probiotics and moisture in a particle size of less than one micro-meter.  This provides a dry mist that optimally disperses live probiotics to the area at a microscopic level. This allows deeper penetration into the pores, helping your skin to stay hydrated and vibrant, while providing for balanced, a healthy micro flora everywhere it is administered.

Use daily to help to restore your skin’s natural micro flora balance and provide increased, long-lasting moisture… naturally!

Contains 5 x (9.0 ml) probiotic fluid refill ampoules for use with the Kälōs Probiotic Misting Wand.


5-pack of 9.0ml Refill ampoules with powerful probiotics exclusively for use with the hand held Kälōs Probiotic Misting Wand.

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For use with Kälōs Probiotic Misting Wand. See instruction manual for proper use and storage.

Active ingredients: BACILLUS FERMENT
(Natural probiotic exfoliant for the skin. Mild but effective alternative to alpha hydroxy fruit acids and active at a mild pH range of 5-8. Water soluble.)


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