Prōtëkt Probiotic Foot Spray doesn’t mask odors, it ACTIVELY eliminates even the worst foot odor at the source—down to the microscopic level, and with long lasting effects!

This powerful proprietary formula quickly and effectively…

      • Provides long-lasting control of foul odors
      • Balances the skin’s micro flora
      • Controls unhealthy bacteria and fungus
      • Minimizes the risk of infections, rashes and other irritations


Keep your feet clean, fresh and odor free using Prōtëkt® Foot Spray. For use directly on feet, socks, shoes, boots, slippers, sheepskin boots, work boots and other footwear.

6.75 fl oz (200 ml)


Quickly eliminates foot odor, excess moisture and irritation caused by allergens and other organic irritants!

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Shake briefly before use. Sparingly mist directly on feet and footwear. Initial dose: Apply a short spray daily to feet and footwear for one week. Maintain results thereafter by applying spray every three days. IMPORTANT: This product contains a potent formula that uses the power of sustained active probiotics. Over-use will only waste product.

Active ingredients: Bacillus ferment (probiotics)


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