Rosacea Can Impact a Person More Than Just Skin Deep

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Typically, rosacea is a disease that affects fair-skinned families of northern European descent.

There are a few different types of rosacea and associated symptoms:

  • Facial breakouts which resemble acne
  • Blushing or reddening of the cheeks
  • High sensitivity of the skin leading to burning or stinging sensations
  • The appearance of superficial blood vessels resembling spider veins

Rosacea in most cases have been considered a long-lasting illness. In some patients, the symptoms of rosacea have been known to spread from the front of the face to the ears.

Rosacea is not acne. Both of these conditions involve pimples or breakouts, but rosacea is linked to the internal and external immune system. Rosacea is most common in people between the ages of 50 to 30 years old.

Rosacea has been linked as a source for frustration. Rosacea negatively affects the physical appearance leading to personal awareness and even reduced self-esteem. These psychological affects can then end up adversely affecting the sufferers experience at work or personal relationships. Many sufferers of rosacea are also preoccupied with the possible spread of the condition.

There are options available for varied levels of healing from this disease. Treatments include antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and even laser treatments.

Another option is to use new technology with ageless science. The science of probiotic microbiology and the new technology of sustaining those probiotics in an external grade product with an extensive shelf-life and no require refrigeration.

Find a rosacea solution in any one of our external skin grade probiotic product from our online line-up of probiotic products to help remedy rosacea.

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