To explain the power of Prōtëkt products, we must first talk about biofilm.

bacterial biofilm Biofilm is everywhere and on everything.  It’s on your tables and chairs, floors, counters, clothing and teeth… it’s even on your skin!

So, what makes that such a bad thing? I can’t see it!

Well, yes, sometimes you can: Like the film you see on your teeth when you don’t brush often enough, or that pink slime that creeps its way into your toilet or shower. But, the real problem with biofilm is that it houses, protects—and subsequently allows for the growth and spread of—pathogen carrying bacteria, viruses and other dangerous disease-producing microbes.

Microbes become embedded within this slimy extracellular matrix of sticky hardening webbing that houses and shields them like a protective canopy.

But, biofilm isn’t just a few gross layers of bacterial slime.

The microbes within organize themselves into a coordinated and functional self-built community allowing them to prosper. Think of it like a “city for microbes”. Basically, there’s a party of bad happening under that “tent”, and no one has enough authority to get in and shut it down, and…


Biofilm is extremely difficult to penetrate and cannot be “killed” or removed with chemical cleaners or disinfectants. In fact, tests show there is little-to-no impact on biofilm when using a variety of full-strength chemical cleaning products including undiluted chlorine bleach. Biofilm is the reason why your tile and/or grout never seems to get back to the clean state it originally was. Whether it’s on your floors or your skinNothing can get through to the dirt and bacteria beneath the biofilm, so only the top-most surface dirt is removed, leaving the deeper dangers lurking below untouched, allowing them to continue to flourish and spread.

The truth is, there are only three ways to fully penetrate biofilm and get a surface truly clean:

  1. High-pressure, high-heat steam cleaning; concentrated on the area for long periods, OR
  2. Manually scraping and breaking away the biofilm, OR
  3. Cleaning the area with Prōtëkt probiotic products

It isn’t hard to see why Prōtëkt products are the best choice for removing biofilm and the unhealthy microbes that live beneath it.

Below, is a photographic comparison of tile and grout cleaned with full-strength bleach and a name-brand floor cleaner (left/top photo) vs. Prōtëkt all-purpose cleaner simply sprayed and “scrubbed” with a paper towel (right/bottom photo). Both photos were taken at the same time with the same camera (phone) and have been unaltered. The areas cleaned were separated by a distance of one tile and the photos were taken 72 hours after cleaning.

Example of dirty tile with heavy biofilm contamination

(above): Tile and grout cleaned twice: Mopped with a name-brand floor cleaner and brush-scrubbed with straight bleach by hand. Left to dry 72 hours.

example of tile with minimal bacteria biofilm buildup after probiotic cleaning

(above): Tile and grout cleaned once: Sprayed with diluted Prōtëkt all-purpose, left to soak for five minutes, then “scrubbed” with a towel. Left to dry 72 hours.

Now, that is a whole new level of clean.

Prōtëkt products do penetrate through tough biofilm via consumption. The proprietary probiotic formula(s) we use as our base ingredient in all our products consist(s) of benign, organic micro-organisms that consume and eliminate biofilm, exposing and starving the microbes along with it.  We almost feel bad about how unfair the fight is.

The probiotics consume the biofilm, the starved microbes and their biological residuals, leaving the affected surface clean, down to a microscopic level.  When you finish cleaning and the products enter the environment (being washed down drains in the kitchen and bathroom), the probiotics, then, actively contribute to water purification and aiding in maintaining natural microbial balance. As the active probiotics die off, they simply biodegrade, naturally, leaving no harmful by-products.

This makes Prōtëkt products not only environmentally safe, or eco-friendly but environmentally beneficial, actually enriching it. You can’t say that about the products under your sink no matter how “green” they claim to be!

For an added bonus, throughout the life of the probiotics, they continue to clean, eliminate odors and provide protection that lasts for hours-to-days after initial use. So, over time your surfaces only get cleaner.

We don’t think our products are better than any of your other options… we know they are!

Prōtëkt products…

> clean deeper and get better results (with less effort) than any other cleaner on the market

> cost less than other cleaners because of the highly-concentrated formulas

> protect against dust mites and other allergens for cleaner breathing and less irritation

> keep your environment clean and better protected from disease-spreading microbes

> are environmentally beneficial, eliminating biofilm and naturally biodegrading

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