How Prōtëkt Works

To explain the power of Prōtëkt® products, we must first talk about biofilm.

bacterial biofilm Biofilm can be found on nearly every surface, including medical devices, food processing equipment, household items, teeth and body, and natural habitats such as soil, water, and plants. Biofilm is a collection of microorganisms that adhere to a surface and form a protective and difficult to penetrate film.

So, what makes that such a bad thing? I can’t see it!

The invisibility of biofilm makes it all the more dangerous, as it can easily harbor and spread harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing microbes. The biofilm acts as a protective shield, providing a safe haven for these harmful microbes to thrive and multiply. The extracellular matrix of sticky webbing that forms the biofilm is not just a few gross layers of slime, but a complex network that can be difficult to remove and eliminate. The presence of biofilm in various areas such as teeth, toilets, and showers can pose a serious threat to human health and hygiene.

That’s why biofilm is such a concern…

It creates a safe haven for harmful microorganisms, allowing them to grow and spread, posing a threat to our health and environment. This self-formed community of microorganisms within the biofilm acts as a self-sustaining city, providing them with protection and promoting their growth and survival. Therefore, it’s important to take measures to control the formation of biofilm, particularly in areas where it can impact our health and safety.

Biofilm is extremely challenging to remove, and standard chemical cleaners or disinfectants have an insignificant effect on it. Tests have shown that some full-strength cleaning products, including undiluted chlorine bleach, have limited impact on biofilm. This is why tile and grout surfaces may not return to their original clean state. Biofilm acts as a protective barrier, which makes it difficult to penetrate and reach the dirt and bacteria beneath. As a result, only the surface dirt may be removed, leaving the underlying dangers unchanged, potentially allowing them to persist and spread.

The most effective ways to fully penetrate biofilm are:

  1. Physical removal: Chiseling or scraping the biofilm to physically remove it.
  2. Steam treatments: Using high intensity steam treatments for long periods to dissolve the biofilm.
  3. Microbial treatments (Prōtëkt®): Using beneficial bacteria or enzymes to break down the biofilm and eliminate the harmful microorganisms within.

It’s easy to understand why Prōtëkt® products are the optimal solution for eliminating biofilm and the harmful microorganisms that reside beneath it.

Here is a photographic comparison of tile and grout cleaned with full-strength bleach and a branded floor cleaner versus Prōtëkt® multi-surface cleaner that was sprayed and wiped with a towel. Both photos were taken with the same camera and the cleaned areas were separated by one tile distance, 72 hours after cleaning.

Example of dirty tile with heavy biofilm contamination

(above): Tile and grout cleaned twice: Mopped with a name-brand floor cleaner and hand scrubbed with a brush and full-strength bleach. Left to dry 72 hours.

example of tile with minimal bacteria biofilm buildup after probiotic cleaning

(above): Tile and grout cleaned once: Sprayed with Prōtëkt® Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate (diluted), left to soak for five minutes and scrubbed with a towel. Left to dry 72 hours.

Now, that is a whole new level of clean.

Prōtëkt® products effectively remove tough biofilm through a process of consumption. Our proprietary probiotic formula, used as the base ingredient in all our products, consists of benign and organic microorganisms that consume and eliminate the biofilm, exposing and depriving the harmful microbes in it of their food source.

The probiotics consume the biofilm, the microbes, and their biological residuals, leaving the affected surface thoroughly clean, down to a microscopic level. When the products are rinsed down the drain during cleaning, the probiotics also actively contribute to water purification and support the natural balance of microbes in the environment. Once the probiotics die, they naturally biodegrade, leaving no harmful by-products, making Prōtëkt® products not only environmentally safe but environmentally beneficial.

Additionally, the probiotics in our products continue to clean and eliminate odors, providing lasting protection for hours to days after use. Over time, surfaces become even cleaner. Prōtëkt® offers a superior solution compared to conventional chemical or “green” cleaning products.

We don’t think our products are better than any of your other options… we know they are!

Prōtëkt® products…

> clean deeper and provide better results (with less effort) than standard cleaners

> are more cost-effective compared to other cleaners due to our highly-concentrated formulas

> protect your breathing and reduce irritations by defending against dust mites and other allergens for a cleaner and healthier environment

> maintain a sanitary environment and reduce the risk of disease transmission by controlling the spread of harmful microorganisms

> are eco-friendly and contribute to the preservation of the environment by effectively removing biofilm and breaking down naturally without leaving harmful by-products.

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