Pathogens in Reclaimed Water: How to Keep You and Your Pets Safe

Pathogens in Reclaimed Water: How to Keep You and Your Pets Safe

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Pathogens in Reclaimed Water: How to Keep Your Pets Safe

A recent study hosted by the National Library of Medicine (link) reveal that homes with pets contain not only a greater quantity of bacteria, but also a wider range of species. Additionally, scientific reports indicate that pathogens in reclaimed water can cause harm to your pets (link). Reclaimed water is not safe for ingestion. Reclaimed water contains bad bacteria called pathogens and water based bacteria are called enteric pathogens. These germs (bacteria) survive through water, saliva, feces, and moist skin surfaces, and can remain alive on dry surfaces for up to a week. Unfortunately, your pets are susceptible to these pathogens when they walk through contaminated parks, or other public contaminated walkways and they can attach to your pets’ fur and cause further harm when licked off their legs and bottoms.

Bacteria and virus contaminated park grass and your pets

Reclaimed water containing more than the general enteric pathogen has been commonly knowlege for a long time according to this EPA report titled, “Quantitative microbial risk assessment of antimicrobial resistant and susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in reclaimed wastewaters

Keep your pets safe from harmful pathogens found in reclaimed water with these simple tips.

It’s important to keep your pets safe by following a few simple tips. Firstly, reconsider where you walk your pets, avoiding parks with reclaimed water. Secondly, use a living probiotic-infused animal shampoo, and a safe-for-ingestion probiotic after-care spray for their paws. Thirdly, use a probiotic spray in your home, and your pet’s personal space, such as their bedding or litter box, including your own bed and couches. These steps will help to minimize the risk of your pets coming into contact and cross contaminating your entire home with these harmful pathogens.

Pathogens in reclaimed water can cause harm to your pets if not careful. It’s important to be proactive in keeping them safe by taking simple steps such as using a Prōtëkt formulated brand of probiotic pet and home product in your home and on your pet’s personal space.

How can a Prōtëkt formulated solution help?

We’ve written many articles and produced a few videos on this subject. Learn more by reviewing the following videos –

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By incorporating fresh living probiotics into your life, you can increase everyone’s quality of life and help keep your furry friends remain healthy and happy for a long life.

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