Every Wonder What Lives On A Public Diaper Changing Table?

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Did you know…???

In 2012, a diaper changing station caused a 12-person viral outbreak at a car dealership which led to a public health investigation?!  Similarly, in 2007, 46 kids fell sick in Florida after a single diaper change went wrong. That’s just two quick examples of the many cases of bacteria-related contamination and illness outbreaks that go on in varying degrees of severity across the world of baby changing tables.

The disturbing FIVE facts surrounding diaper changing stations:

  1. Generally, one parent will be performing the diapering task.
  2. With hands full of squirming baby, a diaper bag and a stroller, the task of sanitizing a changing station table is a feat in itself.
  3. Diaper changing station tables are hot-beds for some pretty gross microbes, and you can’t see them.
  4. Proper sanitizing by manufacturer standards is to use bleach or ammonia which indiscriminately kills all bacteria. And, the cleaning process can be tricky because one key place bacteria hide is in the hinges of the table and the pores of fabric and plastic.
  5. With the lightning speed of babies’ hands-to-mouth, who in their right mind wants to put a baby on an uncleaned table OR even one wet with bleach or other chemicals?!

As you may already know, sanitizing only temporarily eliminates microbial threats and contaminants on the top-most part of the biofilm which then, resurfaces and recolonizes after the limited 5-to-15 minutes of cleaning power that it has. All that’s left behind, by the now inactive evaporated bleach or ammonia, is a clean slate for fresh contamination with no barriers and no healthy microbes to counter them.

Even the most careful parents who use mats at the changing station in an attempt to buffer their baby, fail to realize they’ve just contaminated their own mat and then further carried the contamination to the bag once the mat is placed back in it. It all sounds like a ruthless battle. But wait…

There is a simple, safe and eco-friendly solution. One quick spray and you can fight nature using NATURE to help protect you and your baby!

Prōtëkt Probiotic Home Spray uses natural and effective probiotic solutions to this constant problematic scenario. Application is simple and easy for parents to spray one-handed, creating a microscopically clean environment almost instantly. However, rather than evaporate and lose power, these active microbes keep working for hours and hours and hours! So, the added benefit is the next baby will also enjoy that protection… and the next… and the next… until someone comes and disinfects it again, killing the good the bad and the ugly. For about 5-to-10 minutes. And, the cycle begins again…

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This NBC story ( https://tinyurl.com/Protekt-research-2 ) is enlightening as it points out some key facts of their investigation into public changing stations.

The dealership public health investigation is located here ( https://tinyurl.com/Protekt-research ).

Download this PDF for some of the most extensive research on diapers and changing station tables from Clemson University & fightbac.org (www.fightbac.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/…/All_Diapering.pdf )

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