Prōtëkt® Probiotic Animal Shampoo is 100% safe for washable animals of all ages, breeds and types!

Reduce pet odors, irritations and allergens while deep cleaning their coat and skin! The long-lasting effects keep them smelling great for days, and you’ll BOTH feel the difference!

This Shampoo uses the power of PROBIOTICS to bring your pet to a healthier level of clean. This powerful solution actively removes dirt and allergens, working to clean and deodorize down to the microscopic level for a clean like you’ve never known before! You and your fur baby will love what this does for their skin and coat!

Regular use helps balance unhealthy skin micro-flora, keeps your pet’s dander under control and its coat and skin clean and smelling fresh!  Use Prōtëkt® Probiotic Animal Shampoo to greatly reduce allergens, skin irritants and disease carrying bacteria using NATURAL PROBIOTICS!

16.9 fl oz (500ml)


Your fur babies will have the cleanest coat they’ve ever known!  This probiotic formula animal shampoo cleans down to the microscopic level leaving your pet clean and smelling fresh for days!

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100% safe for animals of all ages, breeds and types! Instructions for use: - Rinse the animal's coat with lukewarm water. - Apply a small amount of product to the animals coat (adjust according to size, as needed). - Distribute shampoo evenly over animal's coat and thoroughly massage through for several minutes. - Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. NOTE: Some increased sloughing may occur during the first week of use. This is normal and a sign that the probiotics are cleaning up! This will diminish over time leaving their skin and fur/hair soft and healthy.

Water Bacillus Ferment Contains mild fragrance Performing a pre-use skin allergen test before use is always advised for pets prone to contact allergies to fragrance.


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