Tiny mites are living on your face right now

Tiny mites are living on your face right now

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What we don’t see with our eyes often gets neglected much like the reality that these ugly creatures actually live on our eyelashes, faces and other parts of our bodies not to mention they make our pores their protective little homes.

Who Has the Mites

Newborns do not have mites. Although this changes as they come of age and come into contact with others, especially seniors. Research indicates that a 1/3 of children and young adults, 1/2 of adults, and 2/3 of older adults carry these types of mites. It’s speculated that the increase in mite population as we age is due to a deficient skin microbiome as displayed in the research of Elizabeth A. Grice and Julia A. Segre.

What is Demodicosis

Most Demodex populations remain unseen and produce no visible symptoms, but some people do experience problems due to larger mite populations or when they have a weaker immune system. Along with a compromised immune system, the individual will experience external microbiome failure leaving the skin open to all types of contaminations and subsequent infections. Demodicosis is the main condition resulting from Demodex mites. The average symptom of Demodicosis include itching, inflammation, and hair loss. Strong connections exist between demodicosis and folliculitis, a common skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed. There has also been correlation between demodicosis complaints of eyestrain.

Other Symptoms of Large-Scale Demodex Infestations

Large Demodex infestations can trigger a large range of conditions such as:

  • Demodex-related abscesses
  • Rosacea: acne, dilated blood vessels, redness
  • Perioral dermatitis: sections of itchy red papules
  • Blepharitis: itching, irritation, and scaling of the eyelids
  • Demodex folliculorum — a general term for both mites and the condition: rough skin near the hair follicles
  • Madarosis: loss of eyelashes
  • Demodectic ear frost: pale, gritty scaling of the ear lobe
Demodectic ear frost
Skin mite infestation on human eyelashes

The Take-Away

Protect yourself, your children and the elderly with an external probiotic product.

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