Probiotics can also be used to prevent respiratory tract infections.

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“The fact that probiotics can also be used to prevent respiratory tract infections makes them even more important.” said Gregor Reid, Director for the Canadian Centre for Human Microbiome and Probiotic Research at Lawson Health Research Institute and professor at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

A recent study sponsored by The Alliance for Education on Probiotics suggests that by using probiotics to prevent respiratory tract infections in Canada could result in over $100 million in yearly savings.

In addition to the AEP study, additional studies are concluding growing evidence that probiotics can reduce respiratory tract infections while reducing the need to prescribe antibiotics and lost workdays from work.

Individuals who benefit the most are children under the age of 10, people who live in a community setting such as roomates and communal office settings and those who are prone to influenza or other bronchial sensitivites.

Even though many of the respiratory infections are typically viral, about 25% of the patients are also prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics are a very serious drug as it destroys many beneficial bacteria in and on the human body which we need to keep the internal and external microbiom balanced. Without a balanced biom the human body falls victim to skin diseases such as eczema and acne or various internal and digestive issues.

Antibiotics should be taken cautiously.

Specific external probiotic strains have also been seen to be unfriendly to viruses as the surfaces of many viruses are comprised of protective protein lipids which are food for these probiotics. Without these lipids to protect the virus, the virus ceases to function once they are exposed to the external environment.

Imagine a vampire virus hiding in a dark room during the middle of a bright day and then quickly being exposed to sunlight and perishing as a curtain is drawn back by a probiotic vampire slayer.

This is why probiotics are an important defense against respiratory tract infections according to the study.


The Clinical and Economic Impact of Probiotics Consumption on Respiratory Tract Infections: Projections for Canada

Probiotics for respiratory illness could save millions

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