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There is evidence suggesting the virus may remain active for up to several days on certain surfaces. This is why it is important to make sure we practice proper surface cleaning.

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We hear a lot about maintaining social distance in order to manage possible COVID-19 contamination but we rarely hear about how COVID-19 is also transferrable via surface contact.

However, many people are still in the dark about the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing and probiotic cleaning.

Let’s take a look:


Cleaning removes dirt, grime and germs from objects and surfaces by using soap or detergent and water. This process reduces the biological contaminants on the surface by washing most of it away.


Disinfecting works by using chemicals intended to kill bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia and bleach are only potent while initially wet.


Sanitizing is the process of both, cleaning and disinfecting a surface or object. Sanitizing removes dirt and grime while lowering the amount of germs and viruses present. Chemicals eventually will kill all living things not protected in biofilm on that surface or object.

Biofilm is built out of the byproduct of pathogens and it safely houses stray viruses, bacteria and a plethora of other pathogens as they wait for the various chemicals and detergents to dry and become safe for them to traverse.

Traditional cleaning, disinfection or sanitizing will not remove microbial trace grime called biofilm. Biofilm is removed by three means, high heat, mechanical scraping or by an opposing bacteria that consumes biofilm without leaving a biofilm of its own. When biofilm is eradicated, pathogens are exposed to the full cleaning effects of your choice.

Probiotic Cleaning

Probiotic Cleaning is a blend of cleaning using environmentally gentle detergents designed to work with living probiotic bacteria. As soon as the environment is stable and conducive to a healthy habitation, the probiotics are released from their packaged state to then do their work of consuming shared food sources and housing of pathogens which share the space. Probiotics also consume various proteins that shield viruses from the elements. When these shields are compromised and the viruses are exposed to the elements of the atmosphere, the viruses rapidly cease functioning and become another food source for living probiotic bacteria to clean up.

Think of probiotics as a bunch of little Packmans running around eating dots and ghosts, but in this game, the ghosts never win.

Here’s a quick guide to help you make the best decision when protecting yourself from pathogen contaminated surfaces.


The CDC recommends washing or sanitizing your hands with soap and water or using a sanitizing solution of no less than 60% alcohol content. The problem is that people are suffering chapped and broken skin on their hands making it incredibly easy for infection to enter the body. Harsh skin drying chemicals in mass produced hand sanitizers are the culprit of dry skin.

Protekt has a long lasting, non-drying, non-damaging solution for this problem. The probiotic hand gel comes in multiple sizes.


The CDC recommends to additionally wear gloves while cleaning and disinfecting your home and throwing them away when you’re done. Be careful with the types of disinfectants you use so the children and animals do not suffer poisonous contamination.

Some key places to focus your cleaning efforts as prescribed by Kaiser Permanente are:

  • Door handles and knobs
  • Tabletops
  • Light switches
  • Bathroom and kitchen counters and surfaces
  • Faucets and sinks
  • Toilets
  • Mobile phones and devices

Be diligent as not to cross-contaminate surfaces with chemicals not intended for human consumption such as bleach on eating surfaces, pet feeding bowls and toothbrush areas. In addition, be mindful to secure storage bottles and storage areas to minimize accidental poisoning to those that might be prone to ingest such chemicals stored inside of the home.

Protekt has a long lasting solution for this problem. The probiotic all-purpose cleaner comes in two sizes and the home spray can be used everywhere including the atmosphere for odor and allergen control.


To minimize pathogenic cross-contamination of your clothes to your living space and the rest of your family, wash all clothes that come in contact with public touch zones such as public transportation or waiting rooms in hospitals, department of motor vehicle, mechanic shops, airports or shared work spaces. Wash your clothes, face covering and hamper often.

Protekt has a new product for this problem. The new probiotic laundry detergent can be found in our online store as of October 28, 2020.


Disinfect your shoes before you enter into your personal living space to prevent cross-contamination. A 70% alcohol spray solution or more is a good attempt for total disinfection of your shoes. Leave your shoes outside if possible until the alcohol dries before bringing them in.

Protekt has a non-staining, healthy and a built in odor eliminating solution for this problem. Use the probiotic foot spray or the new travel spray to be released in December 2020.


It’s best to clean and disinfect workout equipment and spaces before getting down and dirty. Sweat is full of tasty proteins bacteria love, especially from the apocrine glands located in the armpits and other hairy areas of the human body. This residue causes large and vibrant colonies of pathogens to thrive on workout benches, seats, yoga mats and the floors of changing rooms.

If you can think of other places and surfaces you would like to share with the rest of the Protekteer followers reading this then please feel free to comment below.

Protekt has many products for this problem. From the work & sport spray, probiotic hand soap (to be released in late October 2020) to the all purpose cleaner, Kalos wand and hand gel. We have you covered.

When in doubt, check out the CDC guidelines for preventative measures regarding your specific concerns and the various Protekt Probiotic Product details and reviews located in the online store under each product.

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