Whip It Out And Mist Away!

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YOU have one of the best defenses against exposure to pathogens and allergens with the regular use of your Kälōs wand, so whip it out and mist away! It helps you, your family, those around you and the environment be healthier. You’ll find people can’t help but ask about it when they see you use your cool candy-apple red contraption in public, so let them know! You could earn $5 or more off your next order! Every referral bonus is stack-able so you can add them up for free product. Click this link to learn how to earn by sharing what you know: Refer-A-Friend Program

When out in public, enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything you touch is CLEAN DOWN TO THE MICROSCOPIC LEVEL with a simple swipe of your wand! As you venture out during this pandemic, you can dramatically reduce your exposure to contaminants and illness/infection-causing germs that can be transferred through public-use surfaces. It’s the most convenient, discreet, fast and effective way to deep clean public and hard-to-clean shared areas using 100% safe, active, living probiotics.

In case you missed it last time, here’s an opportunity to see it in action! See how well it works by clicking this video test we did live: Live ATP Meter test: Kalos Wand vs. Restaurant menu contamination

By using the formula in your Kälōs wand, you are over-populating the area with GOOD bacteria, so there’s little-to-no resources for pathogens to survive—greatly slowing their spread and reducing surface pathogens by ≥84% (E. Caselli, et.al 2018). Help protect yourself, slow the spread of pathogens, AND help reduce microbial resistance; those pathogens that quickly become immune to antibiotics, bleach, alcohol and other chemical remedies.

ONE Kälōs 5-pack equals approximately 2,000 uses! That’s just a penny per mist for greater peace of mind and a healthier you.

Your Kälōs formula is the purest formula in our line and it is proven 100% safe for inhalation, reducing your risk of exposure to microscopic threats to your health by replenishing your sinuses with a balanced healthy micro flora.

Every effort counts so, whether you use it to:

  • Mist your face and mask, inside and out
  • Inhale the mist into your mouth and nose to restore micro flora to sinuses and throat
  • Spray public-touch areas such as ATM pads, grocery cart handles, gas pumps, restaurant menus and condiment bottles, chairs, armrests and benches, door handles, shopping baskets and other high volume publicly touched surfaces…

You’re increasing your protection measures and that’s good for EVERYONE. The next person to use that key pad or cart, after you, will be exposed to less risk. And, it keeps going… that person will pick up some of the probiotics through transfer and carry it on… so, you can Prōtëkt yourself and spread some goodness in the process. We, at Team Prōtëkt, thank you for your every probiotic touch… that’s truly Kälōs!

We genuinely thank you for your continued support of the Prōtëkt mission and we are here to help should you need anything or have questions pertaining to your Prōtëkt products. As always, we appreciate your positive reviews on our site (at the product level), and/or any of our social media pages @protektonline.

Stay healthy, stay positive, stay Kälōs, and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you!

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