2 Doctors Insight Into Pandemic Lock-down And The Importance Of Good Bugs

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Doctors’ standings on micro flora (microbial ecosystem) damage from over-washing hands and surfaces.

Washing our hands without replenishing the good micro flora on our body can result in our skin being vulnerable to pathogenic infections.

It’s just basic microbiology. There are good micro-organisms and bad micro-organisms and, we need them both to have a balanced microbial ecosystem, otherwise the imbalance can cause devastating results, as these doctors explain.

We often use alternate terms such as germs, viruses, pathogens, probiotics and bacteria but they are all things that navigate the micro-world which mirror our own “big world” eco-system. Each of them are either good or bad, and it all depends on the perspective: sharks, lions, alligators, microbes or humans…. We all go about our business doing what we do best in our space. But, when one enters into the personal space of another, generally, only one will leave alive. You get the picture.

Destroying a surface’s microbiome (microbial eco-system) by over using disinfectants or sterilizers will cause that surface to be void of ALL micro-organisms: Good and bad. Not repopulating this microbial Garden of Eden with healthy micro-organisms (probiotics) will only allow that virgin surface to become open real estate for the first microbe settler. That settler will more than likely be a pathogen (infection causing micro-organism).

More than likely because, in our current society structure, there are numerous unnatural human touch points that did not exist in a natural setting 10, 100 or 1000 years ago. We now have public transportation, grocery carts, key pads, gas pumps and the list goes on. We are constantly sharing microbes with each other.

We, then, touch a virgin surface and those pathogenic microbes, viruses, germs land on that area and begin to quickly reproduce and spread–with no opposing microbes to manage a healthy microbial eco-system.

Washing our hands without replenishing the good micro flora on our body can result in our skin being vulnerable to pathogenic infections.

How does someone replenish or maintain a healthy micro flora?

Add a known healthy-to-human bacteria to your skin or go outside and play in the dirt. Dirt is readily available to most everyone who has access to the outdoors; but we have a cleaner option designed for this explicit scenario: Protekt Probiotics–A safe and effective line of defense. Find these products for people, pets and home here:

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