How Biofilms and Microbes Affect You

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As we walk through our daily environments, we’re surrounded by exotic creatures that are too small to see with the naked eye. We usually imagine these microscopic organisms, or microbes, as asocial cells that float around by themselves. But, in reality, microbes gather by the millions in biofilm to form vast communities.

On a different note, biofilm is essentially the nearly indestructible apartment complexes they live in. Furthermore, there are only three ways in which biofilm can be destroyed.

  1. Steam (extremely high heat) or..
  2. Mechanical means much like the dental hygienist does as they scrap the tartar (biofilm) from your teeth.

Wait, you said three!

Yes, the third is by consumption.

probiotics and biofilm result in co2 expulsion into the atmosphere

There are certain strains of bacteria that will eat biofilm. The byproduct of these bacteria strains is a natural atmospheric gas call CO2. Carbon Dioxide is also a byproduct of human breath.

Probiotics are the bacteria which eat biofilm and all other food sources leaving the environment barren of dirt and biofilm. Pathogens end up living their short life cycles but without procreating and leaving behind toxic byproducts.

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